Annie Kruyer is a fine art graduate, a daughter, sister and mother of two, that has found, through the lens of her camera and the gift of art, a way to express her love & gratitude for the extraordinary beauty and diversity of the natural world. 58 years old, born in Zimbabwe to a South African mother and a British father, she understands herself as a curious blend of the African earth & strange English sensibilities.

 Deeply spiritual, her distinctive visual language sometimes soft and soulful, sometimes raw and organic, sometimes 'almost nothing' light, and sometimes 'deep' dark, Annie is a fine artist that has found, framing imagery in natural light, a way to explore dualities and the balance of opposites in the sensory tension of living in the fragile present moment,  while accepting the transience of our natural world, inviting you into defining moments of spiritual longing and quiet contemplation.

Besides growing her portfolio of beautifully printed and signed prints on paper and various decor outcomes, she welcomes the opportunity to work closely together with clients to personalize their space by creating commissioned art that is cohesive, authentic and gives expression to their individual story.

 'My fine art images are created to both influence and reflect a personal aesthetic, believing that the things we surround ourselves with and the spaces we inhabit and work in, should hold not only our material substance, but embody our interior life as well. It’s my hope that by either commissioning or choosing to buy my art, you might find not only something beautiful to dress your walls, but feel an emotional resonance that inspires both a conscious and contemplative life. '